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I feel I like made a few people mad at me, I want to take the time to say sorry for that.

I DO love the remake of the game, the music, the voice, new HDness. I only have two thing I don't like in it.

Guybrush: His look and how he animates AND ONLY HIM.  Everyone and things bar him looks fine it the new game.

I can't have the voice over in the classic look, small i know but Options > No Options

Now that is all that is all i don't like, Stil going to lay the gmae and enjoy it. I just wanted to say sorry to anyone that I may have pissed off


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Don't worry about it lol, if you're anything like me you bite into the negatives and don't let go because you feel the positives go without saying. Heck, I could take my favorite game of all time and bitch for 10,000 words about how much I hate some portions of it :)

And for point #2 you're absolutely right, it's pretty insane they didnt include a voice over option for classic mode :(

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Well, the intro of the Lucas Arts logo got a pixelated Guybrush voice over. So, actually, thats included too. . . . may it be a really microscopic small part. And yes, it really sucks that that's all.

I hardly switch between versions because of this. The only motivation to switch is to see what has changed from the original. And some few times where the new iventory system fails and the old one is needed. Playing through the original kinda sucks, because it's exactly the same as it was 19 years ago.

It shouldn't be to hard to include that kind of thing. Hope LucasArts will notice it, and maybe it'll be included in this mysterious
"Guybrush will return!" thingy. Which we all really don't know what that could be.

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