XBLA or Steam?

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I have no idea which version to get, but I really want to play with voices, so I need help. Help me!

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Steam, obviously. Why would you wan to play a point and click adventure game with a analog stick?

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Steam for me too.

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I got in on XBLA because I'd already played the original on PC and I wanted to see how it worked on console. It's actually pretty easy to control and select items but obviously it's not the same as a mouse and keyboard.

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Steam is obviously superior, due to the controls. This morning, when the XBLA version was released, but the PC version wasn't, I was so tempted to get the XBLA version, but I waited to get the PC version from steam. But when they're both released, it's not even a close run contest.

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I replayed the original on pc less than a year ago, so achievements were a bit of a factor in my decision to buy xbla. 360 controls work for the most part, only became an issue once or twice, but obviously pointing and clicking lends itself to a mouse. If you have no preference then I'd say go pc.

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All right, I tried the trail of the XBLA version (why the hell did I not think of that), and you guys are right. I'll go steam.

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You guys are obviously forgetting achievements.

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@Babble said:
" You guys are obviously forgetting achievements. "
Word dat.
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I liked how the analog stick is used in the game actually... I didn't find it uncomfortable, so I think I'm gonna buy it from XBLA

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@Gearhead said:
" @Babble said:
" You guys are obviously forgetting achievements. "
Word dat. "
Word dat. x2
#13 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

If you have any soul, you'd get it on Steam.

#14 Posted by Cerza (1653 posts) -

Steam. Always, always, always pick Steam if it's an option.

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I got XBLA because I'm an achievement whore but I'll definitely pick up the Steam version eventually, it *is* a 'point-and-click' adventure game after all :P

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If you I had the choice, I would go with Steam. Point and click seems (At least to me) better with a mouse than with an analog stick. I, on the other hand, don't have a PC. Sp it looks like I'm going to be playing this with an analog stick.

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Both is the obvious answer here, to force Lucasarts to rerelease more old adventure games.
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I'm playing on XBLA and it's surprisingly not bad at all. Also, I like the Xbox. I hear it's a pretty fun system.

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I'm gonna go with XBLA

even though steam is better in every way.


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The only real problem with the XBLA version is that with the very few puzzles that require quick inputs, the standard interface doesn't really cut it, but there are shortcuts to every action mapped to the D-Pad for those situations. The video doesn't output to 1080p on it either, but that's a minor grievance.

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Holy shit achievements thats totally why i play a game.


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@warxsnake said:
" Holy shit achievements thats totally why i play a game.. "
Having extra goals to achieve is a huge plus, in my books.  Having to find specific secrets, complete the game in a certain time, etc, gives reason to do multple play throughs, and it's fun trying to figure out exactly what to do to get them, and it makes you find little hidden parts of the game you might not see otherwise.

For me personally, this was reason enough to get the XBLA version over the PC one.  Using an analogue stick really isn't as difficult as some people make it out to be.  Obviously not as precise as a mouse, but it really wasn't a problem anywhere in the game.  And I'm an old school adventure fan!
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Dude, fuck Monkey Island, they just rereleased King's Quest!!!

#24 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

I chose the Xbla version. The control scheme is fine, may take a bit of getting used to, but it's monkey Island, it's not like your against the clock.

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C'mon it's Monkey Island, it needs to be played on a computer. People shouldn't be playing for achievements anyways imo.

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