bagronken's The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!

Struggling through memory lane

Monkey Island was one of the first adventure games I played, back in the days of yonder when I barely spoke English. Some puzzles I still remembered, some puzzles I was flabbergasted I was able to complete back then, especially as it was pretty much before the times of Internet walk-throughs. The additions of the Special Edition is great, adding voice acting for every single line of dialogue and giving us a HD graphic update with a suitable cartoonish style. I only wish you could keep the old graphics (which are astonishing) and have the new voiced acting at the same time.

Laughing it off

Almost all puzzles are great, there are only a few rare occasions where you will be will raise an eyebrow at the solution and the new built in hint system works great at tipping you in the right direction without giving all the fun away. If you should complain about anything it's that you might find yourself running back and forth quite a bit in some parts, and might have problems finding some unmarked places on the map. But in the end, with a comedy adventure this great, you'll have forgotten the minor hiccup as soon as the next line of dialogue is delivered.

Pros & Cons

+ Comedy gold, now fully voiced

+ Awesome adventure with brilliant puzzles

+ Superb theme song

- Some running around feeling lost

- Why can't I combine the old with the new?


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