any GB guilds around?

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just bought its after learning it no longer has a subscription on unprofessional fridays any duders teaming up?

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Nah, that game has run its course for me, boring gameplay and lack of player base are to blame.

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Guy above me said why I don't play anymore as well.

It had some interesting concept, but like most all MMOs (except maybe occasionally WoW) it doesn't really hold much interest for very long, for me.

There was a Giant Bomb guild when the game came out, but I would not be surprised if its dead now.

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cool thanks guys

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Been looking at trying this on out for a while & figured in Ocotber would be a good time as not a ton of games for me coming out (and going to wait a couple months on the new consoles) so if anyone in GiantBomb is playing this, I'd be happy to help out the guild/cabal/ect. while trying this out on the Cerebus server (Nitocris Armitage is character name, nickname is NocturneShade, just send me msg via steam if nothing else).

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