How is the community?

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Prior to this game's release, I was having trouble deciding between this and Guild Wars 2. I loved the atmosphere and setting of this game much more in comparison to GW2 but ultimately, I purchased GW2 because of friends and it being the "safe" bet. Long story short, it was the biggest waste of $60 I've spent.

Now, I've been thinking of starting up an MMO again and remembered this game. Before I sub though, I was wondering if anyone is still active in this game on these boards. If so, what is the population and activity like for the community in this game? I've been reading up a lot on the content updates by the developers and it all looks very promising, they seem to be dedicated in keeping this game going for quite some time.

Lastly, is this a game where most people go solo? I've watched some recent videos on youtube and they all seem to be solo-play vids.

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I give it three more months before a F2P announcement, didn't seem to be much going on when I tried it recently.

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I haven't seen a lot of groups in the game, most are solo. The community doesn't seem huge but everyone is nice and very helpful to new players.

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@Tonyyj: It was pretty dead when I played it around launch. Very little active chat and some absolutely shitty-asshole tanks for the instances. It's part of what got me to stop after only a month. Well, that and the fact that I'd already finished all the content.

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The devs keep putting out new content that is keeping with the rest of the game in terms of story and play. So if that interested you to start with, they're bringing out more of that. They seem to be working on auxiliary weapons now that can add a little more customization I suppose.

The community has noticeably shrunk, but it's not dead, yet. GW2 got a significant amount of people to leave, but I also believe it's the same thing as always: people complete all the content and leave. They've filled out the whole wheel or completed all the dungeons on nightmare or maxed out their gear and just got bored. That, I'm afraid, is really easy to do as this game is all about repetition.

Once you are finished with the content from quest givers, which except for a few more challenging quests is done solo (and even the "hard" ones can be done solo with the right builds), you are faced with repeating old content. If you are interested in learning more abilities in order to get better, build a new role, or max out the wheel, then you will be repeating Transylvania quests for quite a while. The dungeons, while fun initially, get boring because you start off in normal dungeons, move to elites versions of the normal ones, and then move to nightmare versions of the normal/elite ones.

That said, people still look for groups for these dungeons regularly and often. You will however be rolling the dice. As with any game, you have the elitists who will refuse to take you unless you already have the best gear and know exactly what to do and on the other side of the spectrum you have good people who are willing to take on new folks and educate.

I haven't had the other channels on since launch. It was pretty typical MMO chatter then and my patience for such is limited. I don't know how much they're talking, but I do see several people around the various mission hubs when I do pop in game and the travel hub (Agartha) is always full and laggy during primetime.

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