How is this game now?

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I've never played it but since it is on sale on Steam today I'm thinking about picking it up. I heard that back when it came out it needed a lot of polish so I was wondering if it ever did get fixed up a bit?

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I really liked what I played of it when it came out but it seems the community has dwindled quite a bit. Despite that, I'd also like to know if any Bombers are still rockin' TSW.

The nature of the investigation missions was really innovative for an MMO - you actually had to solve puzzles using research and web searching.

Sorry for not being a ton of help, but I can say it was pretty neat.

#3 Posted by Canteu (2864 posts) -

It's pretty fun, if a little clunky on the combat side of things. It's also kinda hard to be honest, mobs don't go down fast at all even with a good dps character. At least that's what I've found.

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As someone who always disliked the way rogues play in World of Warcraft, I never really cared for The Secret World's combat, since every character works off that same combo point system. Combat (at least while leveling) consisted of spamming the same four or five moves over and over again for nearly the entirety of my leveling experience.

However, everything else about the game--story, setting, characters, voice acting--is superb. If the combat weren't so limited, I would have played a LOT more of it than I did (one month at release, finishing all the story content). It was the one rough spot of an otherwise amazing game. I doubt the combat has been completely retooled, but I think that the experience is still worth playing through at least once.

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Could we worth noting that they no longer charge subscription fees for it, so it's a one time purchase like Guild Wars, rather than client + monthly subscription costs.

I liked what I played of it last year or so, but really don't have a lot of time for games like these, so I haven't gone back to it in quite a while.

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Could be entertaining, I've picked it up during the sale, and I kinda like the modern-day conspiracy angle that they go with. Still trying to figure out how things work but the fighting seems straightforward so far.

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I bought the game during the 66% sale on steam as well. I have to say I am really enjoying it so far. Something that I have struggled with a lot in other MMOs is choosing a class, and with the way that TSW works is that you can change your class whenever you want (except in combat of course). And that feature alone has made me really take a shinning to this game. It seems likes a few posters above only played it for a month before moving on, I have yet to see if that happens to me. But so far so good.

P.S. For people having trouble with the difficulty of the game, here's a tip: Take one of these 3 weapons/skill sets: Assault rifle, fists, or blood magic - these are healing abilities of the game and make soloing this game, much easier. I truly think after playing this game, that WoW has spoiled too many people by making all builds capable of soloing 90% of their game. In this game, different builds are REQUIRED in order to adapt to what this game throws at you, which is why they let you change your build at the drop of a hat.

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I've been playing this recently and I find it really entertaining too. I just did an investigation mission with a friend today and it was surprisingly fun to talk like conspiracy nutjobs for however long it took us to the end without straight-up Googling the solution. I did try to Google something and coincidentally found an actual Bible/Illuminati conspiracy theory website, which I thought was part of the game for a while, which is damn hilarious. Probably the most fun I've had with an MMORPG, considering I don't usually like them anyway.

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