I'm now officially stooping to the second lowest form of gaming.

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I just downloaded EA's shitty Steam knockoff and I'm firing up the debit card to get The Secret World. I used to constantly make fun of WOW nerds, now I guess it's a bit poetic that I've gone down the MMO rabbit hole and ended up just like them.

This is the first MMO where the setting didn't seem like utter cornball bullshit and the gameplay seems simple enough. And I'll buy pretty much anything made by the guy who created The Longest Journey.

(The lowest of the low is still facebook gaming. Tired of the goddamn Sim City Social spamming.)

I just want to point out, that it seems from your post you consider Rape Simulation games as a higher quality or form of gaming than MMO's.

Also train simulation games.

And iphone/android games requiring you to flick the screen.

And game show video games.

I wouldn't blame the guy for not taking rape simulation games into consideration. Also train simulation games can be pretty great. And you shouldn't disregard iOS/Android as a platform for games necessarily, even if only because of notable exceptions to the norm.

You're sounding as arrogant and dismissive as the guy who made this thread.

I don't tend to like MMOs, but I can see why one would sink into LOTRO, and recognize GW2 seems to have some neat ideas.

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