Is the Secret World Set in The Longest Journey Universe?

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Man if I didn't know better watching this trailer over on Joystiq, I swear I was seeing locations from Dreamfall. Even the Mei Ling character seems a bit Zoe Castillo, in appearance and voice. Granted it's the same developer so maybe these sorts of design decisions were unintentional but the Dreamfall sequel has been on hold for what seems to be forever.

Could this game be a prequel alluding to hinted at world disaster in those games? Or am I just nuts

I think I'll have to try one of those Dragon Milkshakes.

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Could this game be a prequel alluding to hinted at world disaster in those games?

Both of those are very different universes. The Longest Journey is all about the science and fantasy split, The Secret World is Cthulhu inspired monster stuff with a bunch of Illuminaties and stuff thrown in. There never was any hint in the Longest Journey or Dreamfall about monsters running around a few decades ago.

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Ragnar is somewhat of a genius when it comes to gaming writers. He is the vision holder of both the original Longest Journey, Anarchy Online and The Secret World.

I think that he does alternative universes/futurism way better than stories set in today's world. Its way harder to set anything in a version of RL simply because we more easily see things as not true to life, and that can be off-putting.

I don't think you should be hoping for TLJ in TSW. He has -promised- to all his fans that he will go back to the TLJ universe after the TSW venture.

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I'm on chapter 8 of The Longest Journey right now. Amazing game.

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@Funkydupe: He is also the author of "How to have a beautiful smile" apparently.
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@Sooty said:

I'm on chapter 8 of The Longest Journey right now. Amazing game.

I love that game to death--even with Dreamfall's odd, out-of-place combat system. I so thoroughly enjoyed both of them and will probably always be nostalgic about the games forever. ξ

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@Grumbel: Your methodology is very sound. However, keep in mind that both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall happen in the future (something like 2050 or 2100 or something like that). So it's possible the fantasy/magic currently causing dark days gets forced into another reality.

While I could possibly see them co-existing, I doubt they do.

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There are some easter eggs I saw in the opening Templar cutscene referencing but I don't think they are in the same universe.

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Man, if April Ryan shows up in this game I lose my shit.

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This would be the only reason I play The Secret World. It's unfortunate Funcom couldn't integrate the two franchises into a Marvel style extended universe, they look so similar to me (art style wise).

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It's based in the Secret World of Alex Mack.

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