Issue #3 coming tomorrow, already.

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I loaded up the Secret World today and found in the notes that the servers will be down for maintenance for 3 hours to install Issue 3. They haven't said what was in it, as of 1-2 hours ago. And it hasn't been on the test servers.

I just hope it works. I think they just want to get back on schedule and combat all the negative press.

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Having come late to this game (started like a week or so ago), I am super impressed with the quality of the content, and even more impressed they seem to be shovelling it out right now. The Tokyo zone and New York raid both sound just the ticket too.

I wonder if this one is a little content light as it has been like no time since 1.2. Without seeing the notes, I'm guessing if its untested it might be huge packs of clothes, consumables, weapon graphics. I would have thought the second auxilary weapon, but surely they would need to test that first.

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@AdMordem: Yah, that actually sounds very plausible, perhaps a lot of bug fixes. Although I do know that they where planing a Halloween event from a while ago. And even up until late August said they still planed to push it out.

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Must have been tested to some extent, here is the notes from the test patch.

EDIT just found this post as well

random tsw user "the only way to join was if you got a closed beta invitation that was spread around before the game went live, don't understand why people pull the "join testlive if you want to see such and such" when the only way is through invitation only =.="

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