The Secret what?

#1 Posted by papercut (3828 posts) -

#2 Posted by papercut (3828 posts) -

seriously, what?

#3 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

I don't know, but it looks kinda' cool.

#4 Posted by Hector (3524 posts) -

New Persona game!!!!! Not really.

#5 Posted by papercut (3828 posts) -

It's also an MMO, like that clears anything up

#6 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

Well, obviously, dark days are coming.

#7 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

Awesome trailer, although I still think when your developer is called 'Funcom' it slightly drains the gritty realism of a game. Seriously though, the Wikipedia page on this helps clear things up... Well, to an extent. Apparently the development of this game was confirmed way back in March 2007.

#8 Edited by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

Cool teaser, I thought the direction in the teaser was good. I think this MMO could be pretty awesome actually,  the social networking aspect along  with ARG could work well.

Look forward to hearing more about this, and seeing it run in the DreamWorld Engine. (Conan)

#9 Posted by pause422 (6281 posts) -

I think it looks pretty interesting from what little there is about it....but since its coming from Funcom I'm a little scared. AoC was hardly what it was hyped up to be, but even if it was...the way it shipped and all the problems it had for so long makes me doubt Funcom wouldn't repeat theirself here as well.

#10 Posted by Lunarbunny (1055 posts) -

Meh, Funcom. I have my doubts.

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