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Released in 2001 in Japan, The Seed: War Zone was an early Playstation 2 strategy role playing game. It was developed and published by Artdink in Japan, and later published in 2003 in Europe by Midas Interactive Entertainment. Taking place in 'Star Year 528', and featuring a sci-fi setting, it follows the exploits of the Anti-Seed Defence Force (ASDF) who battle 'The Seed Army' a new type of life form not previously encountered.


Gameplay in The Seed is split between a strategic overview, a detailed ship design system and 3D cinematic battle scenes.

In the strategic view, the player is able to order ships to move and attack enemy units, lay mines, launch scouts or improve the ASDF's ground base. The player can customise the formation and makeup of their platoons which affects the outcome of battles. Each platoon consists of a leader, such as Rei or MOS, and one to two other ships. If a platoon is defeated the leader must retreat and is no longer available for the rest of the mission, if all leaders retreat the mission ends. The game also allows for building, repairing and customising battleships from your ground base.

The 3D battles featured in the game are not, in of themselves, interactive. The outcome is dependent upon the formation, and configuration of the battleships. The player can however, rotate and zoom the camera and toggle between following different ships, as well as viewing various statistics as the battle takes place.

Between missions, In addition to the game's ship customisation options, it is possible to upgrade and research new ship components. The player is forced to make decisions between different upgrades by a simple currency system.

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