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Seven Cities of Gold, the classic exploration simulator from Ozark Softscape & EA, allows you to assume the role of Christopher Columbus as he sets sail to discover the Americas. The game opens in April 1492 when you are summoned to the Queen of Spain's court where you are commissioned four ships, 100 men, a years worth of food and 2,000 gold to outfit your expedition. When you are ready, you embark for the unknown.

Once the New World is found, you explore it by sea and land, discovering major landmarks and making contact with the natives. Since your party can only carry a limited amount of food and gold, you will need to deal with the natives in order to keep your men alive. How you deal with them is up to you. You can approach them in peace and trade goods or gold for food and men or assassinate their Chief, kill the villagers until they are pacified and then take what you want as tribute.

Welcome to the New World
You will be making several crossings of the Atlantic to return to Spain with the treasure you have acquired and expand your fleet. Each time you visit port, you can check your progress towards finding 100% of the land, rivers, natives, mines and special items, you can purchase new ships, hire more men, restock on food and visit the Queen to have your accomplishments evaluated. If she is pleased, you may be promoted and granted additional gold.

Once you were done exploring the Americas, the unique map generator could create an unlimited number of new continents, giving the game an immense amount of re-playability.

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