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The Shield: The Game takes places between the third and fourth season of the television show, after the repercussions of the Armenian money-train heist have already occurred and Mackey's strike team is close to breaking up. 


The game begins with the end of the third season, when Mackey kills Margos Dezerian. After the Armenian money-train heist, the Strike team is unhappy and on the verge of being disbanded by city officials.  Captain Aceveda advises the team that their only hope of maintaining the team is a big bust. In particular, shaking out the escalating violence between local gangs, the Byz-Lats and One-Niners.


This is essentially a third-person shooter in which you must satisfy a number of goals using various - often questionable methods to reach your goals, which we have come to expect from Vic Mackey.
You'll need to justify your team's continued existence by taking things down a notch between rival gangs, the Byz-Latz and One-Niners, while steering clear of Captain Aceveda's scorn if word of your techniques escapes. In addition to shooting bad guys, as can be expected in a third-person shooter, you'll also conduct interrogations, warrentless searches, and plant evidence.
In addition to justifying the existence of the Strike team and staying under Aceveda's radar, you'll need to look out for Mackey's retirement by pocketing as much cash and ill-gotten gains as possible without being discovered.
Mackey's methods, which include interrogating a suspect by burning his face on a stove-top heating element, can result in escalating heat represented on-screen, so you'll need to balance out your activities to keep from being exposed.
Most of the actual gameplay involves physical combat, chases, stealth, and gunplay. You'll engage in very simple mini-games during searches and interrogations, such as hitting directional (left, right, up, down) cues in time.
The main characters are voiced by the real actors from The Shield.

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