Is this still played online?

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I remember hours of fun on "friend LANs" with this game. Is it still played online and worth downloading again? If it is I can see myself having some fun murdering passengers in the holidays...

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The community for the game sadly died off very quickly.  I don't have it installed, but last I checked there were very few people playing it, and that was over a year ago.
The concept of the game proved too complicated for the community.  Most of the game was just people murdering people randomly, which obviously disrupts gameplay.  It was basically DOA.

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I get some people together some times and we play it online other than that i dont see people on line

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I have it - but the community is dead. Most people just randomly kill other people. No fun.

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Yeah this is what I remember from the last few times I played it. Most matches just turned out to be free for all frag-fests.
I remember having a ton of really good matches where everyone was playing it like it was intended to be played, though, which was damn fun. Guess I'll have to convince my friends to get it so we can play it.

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@Vigorousjammer said:
" No, but people still play Trouble in Terrorist Town if you have a copy of Garry's Mod.  It's pretty similar. "
I'm gonna check that out. It looks interesting. Thanks for the link.

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