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 You too can look this awesome with The Shoot.
The Shoot is an on-rails arcade shooter for the Playstation 3 that utilizes the Playstation Move controller as your gun. The game takes place on various movie sets as you take control of the movie's action hero. As you play, you'll receive instructions from the movie's director to perform certain tasks. There are five B-Movie themes to blast your way through: wild west, robot invasion, haunted house, 20s mobsters, and undersea.
Although The Shoot is for the most part an on-rails experience, the player still has some limited ability to move around on the screen. For example, one section might have an enemy shooting projectiles at the player, but using headtracking and the motion controls, the player can duck behind cover or dodge left and right to avoid getting hit. Unfortunately, this ducking and dodging is only available in sections where the developers specifically designated to so, and is not available anywhere else.

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