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The best Simpsons game to date. 0

The Simpsons have had their own line of games since 1991, starting with the simply titled The Simpsons: The Arcade Game which was surprisingly released in arcades. We are now up to Hit and Run in '03 and perhaps this is one of the best Simpsons games to date?At the start of the game you find out that the town is infested by mechanical bees, black vans and Buzz cola. Weird? You bet, but it is just a storyline like this that really makes you believe you are playing a Simpsons game. In the game you...

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Woohoo or D'oh? 0

Simpsons games have a shady past. A dirty, nasty, Acclaim-related past that you wanted to leave WELL ALONE. However, in 1997, the worm started to turn for the Simpsons licence with the release of the surprising Virtual Springfield, that actually managed to be pretty damn good. Then Fox Fox'd it up again with the releaseof the steaming piles of craps that were The Simpsons Wrestling and The Simpsons Skateboarding. So, the Simpsons franchise was left to rust despite the two good gamesout of 20 in ...

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Frustrating license garbage 0

Don't let yourself fool by the positive reviews, this game is the same garbage as many other license games, on top of that its an awfully frustrating experience. First of there would be the story or better lack there of. The game really doesn't connect to the Simpsons at all, instead you simply have a GTA clone featuring Simpson character. All your missions resolve around collecting stuff or driving trough checkpoints on a timelimit, so don't expect any puzzle solving or dialog that would actua...

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A fantastic Simpsons game and a great game in general. 0

There are literally 3 Simpsons games that are good. The Simpsons Arcade Game, Hit & Run, and the Simpsons Game. The arcade game might not hold up so well these and some may argue that Road Rage is pretty good but it's so forgettable and such a shameless clone of Crazy Taxi that it's not even really worth mentioning. And the Simpsons Game was too focused on parodying various video games that it forgot that it needed to tell a Simpsons story and be a good Simpsons game. So we're left with Hit ...

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