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Everybody Do the Bartman

The Simpsons Skateboarding was developed by Code Monkeys, and it was published and released by Electronic Arts in 2002. The game was revealed in an ad on the back of the SImpsons Road Rage which was released in 2001. The Simpsons Skateboarding featured many characters from the series, and each character was voiced by the Simpson's voice cast. It was released only for the Playstation 2, and was never made for any other home console.


Play as the Simpson family

The citizens of Springfield are busy turning their fair city into a skatepark. This is being done because the town has annual event called the Annual Skate Tour. Many competitions and games take place during the event, and the town's people get competitive. The town holds their own competition and the winner will get $99. Who will win?


As well as casual acquaintances

In the Simpsons Skateboarding take control of up to 9 of the Simpson's characters as well as some unlockable characters. Each character can perform up to 40 tricks and each has their own special move. Many land marks in Springfield are the skatable locations and playgrounds. Their are several different modes to play the game in such as Free Skate, Skate Fest, Trick Contest, Skillz School and H-O-R-S-E. There is also a head to head and cooperative multiplayer.

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