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What am I seeing?

The Simpsons Wrestling is a game that makes absolutely no sense to me. 
It looks like a cel shader's dog's dinner's back garden. It plays as if physics, friction and opposing force are merely the dribblings of a homeless, meth-cooking two-year old. The controls make as much sense as the word "krippindarutka". The sound is okay, I think.


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    Unquestionably the funniest, most subversive television show in history, The Simpsons, to date has produced far less memorable series of games. So far there have been 17 Simpsons games, and none of them have been anything to write home about. Despite this, Simpsons Wrestling is one of 2001 most highly anticipated PSOne releases, reinforcing the phenomenon that some people value the brand over quality of the product. But even with that anticipation of a new Simpsons game, simply put Simpsons wre...

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    The Simpsons Wrestling was released for the Playstation back in 2001. The story basically goes that Kang and Kodos have challenge the citizens of Springfield to a wrestling match, but only one person will go against them. The town have a wrestling tournament to decide who that strong person should be.Each character (sixteen in total, each voiced by the real actor) has four moves excluding jumping. When the wrestler performs special moves their energy bar drops and then slowly refills over time w...

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