stunik's The Sims 2: Free Time Expansion Pack (PC) review

Expand your Sims Horizons

As with all of the Sims games there have always been numerous expansion packs some better than others, but Freetime is well worth buying as it does create more interesting options for your sims.

One of the main features is the new career tracks which are based on hobbies as well as just the standard career tracks that your sims nornally follow. These include thngs such as becoming a word class ballet dancer and with them bring new outifits and items for the house that are related to these career tracks. Sims can also develop interests in particular hobbies just by carrying out everyday chores such as cooking. If a sim develops a strong enough interest they are then offered memership of secret clubs where they can enter contests and meet like minded sims to talk to.

As an avid fan of the sims and the owner of nearly all the expansion packs this one compliments the game really well and keeps you coming back for more!!


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