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Fucking Great 0

Nothing short of awesome/incredible. My favorite thing about the game is being able to record clips from the game onto your computer and make videos. I like downloading mods for the game and recording things rather than actually playing it, but before I knew how to even do that I enjoyed it regardless. It's addictive, so I'm a bit  ;D that my computer is welfare and it's not able to run anymore until my new one arrives. I think anyone who purchases this game needs to visit (Y...

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A threat to my degree...... 0

Having been a massive Sims fan since the release of The Sims, I was slightly dubious when they announced a second version, as I didn't see the need. However, after playing it, I took back my words, because the game is fantastic! There's much more for the player to do, this time you control everything, from the colour of your Sims cars, to the thickness of their eyebrows! In fact, there can sometimes be too much choice, and thus building a family and a house can take hours! The new desires and r...

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cc (custom content) and sims shows 0

The Sims 2 was a game that was released in the year of 2005. A very good game for users with a creative mind and gamers. Yes i may be a girl but hey, sims is for everyone. The thing that i love about it that people around the world have made programs for users to make their own things following the maxis content,This made the game more exciting. Them following this users have begun to make shows from excellent video skills and good filming let the sims enter the National Tv world (in this case y...

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Well after seeing the videos of the game first, it looked VERY 3D compared to the first Sims game! And indeed it is fully 3D this time around! I like the game fine, but I am going to tell you my complaints right now. First, the addition of DNA and genetics and really REALLY good life like animations (especially of toddlers) is great. But there isn't much choice for clothing, furniture, wallpapers for your house, etc. Seems to me Maxis will have a huge expansion ready to go soon, and they know mi...

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We're sure there are Sim's Anonymous meetings out there. 0

A little out of date, considering the Sims 3 has been released, but I'm never one to keep up with the latest and greatest. Actually, I just never buy new releases because they are hella expensive!So, however many years too late, I bought the Sims 2 Double Deluxe for a whopping $19.99.<strong>Good:</strong> The game, like its predecessor, managed to suck me into a black hole for several nights, where nothing existed but my Sim and her perfect little house. I remember being in college ...

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PS2 REVIEW: Sims2 is an adaptation of Sims. You have 2 modes: Free play and Story. Free plays is where you choose/make a family and control their lives. If you die you can turn into a ghost and puke on people. Also challenge death which is all fun. Story mode is a little bit boring. You unlock stuff in story mode which is good. But you have to keep you're Sim happy or he/she would go angry. Also you can get an alien race which is kind off cool. It's easy, but will take a long time to learn how t...

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A first-rate, highly entertaining follow-up to The Sims. 0

The Sims is, as any sane individual should know (or at least, any reasonably informed sane individual), the definitively best-selling PC game of all-time thus far. It’s managed to ship over 16 million copies since release in February 2000. Following something which achieved such sky high success was obviously going to be extremely difficult. Luckily, the drive and determination of the guys over at Maxis has paid off well. The Sims 2 is truly better than The Sims; in fact it’s probably in a whole...

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