Let`s Play: The Sims 3

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Hello giantbombers(that sounds..wrong?). I'm a long time lurker and fan of this site, figured i should share something with you guys. You see, right around the time that The Sims 3 was released, some didnt even bother with even trying this game..so i took it upon myself to show everyone(at this other forum i go to) how much fun you could have..With some narration that is.

There are nine parts of this(with more to come) and i have gotten positive feedback on this series, so i tought you guys may enjoy it aswell what with beeing a pure gaming site and all :).

I try not to control much of their actions, i just respond to wishes and sometimes interact when i really need to.
Also, their names are from members of the forum it was originally posted on.

So let me know what you think and ill post more tomorrow.


Part 1: Intro

To test the game, i made a couple of bros. From the left: Kerry, Bogbrush, Skee, Sanji, AAsama. We are all classy as fuck.

So the next thing is to find a place to live, naturally. Shits expensive, and its not even big enough for all of us. Oh well.

Arrived at our new home, bogbrush and aasama gets right down to it. Note: The childrens music box means: Child music. Lolis?

While that is going on, Skee and sanji are busy reading books. Then suddenly it seems theres a play! Which we cant afford!

And kerry is just straight chillin

Bogbrush seems to think its a good idea to pretend to be a stone giant and scare kerry

...its really not.

So bogbrush decides to entertain himself by shooting lazers at the mirror. He does this for hours, literally hours.

So after that, i promise kerry to get her a job as a cook(because she really really wants to be a awesome cook)

Kerry is having a great fucking time reading the paper, but then she stumbles over a job : (

Some potential drama starts to unfold

And for some reason Kerry got sick after getting the job

and she cant clean herself up afterwards because bogbrush is playing Space Commando.

Everyone else is having a good time..

But then kerry shows up to ruin everything by scaring sanji

Nobody is impressed.

Seeing as bogbrush has obviously gone crazy from the lack of internet, and everyone is now avoiding kerry, we decide to spend almost all the remaining money on a computer. It is immediately occupied by AAsama, while bogbrush schemes to get the chair himself one day.

Sanji wants to use the computer, very bad.

And for some reason, he too throws up. And bogbrush is back to playing Space Commando in the mirror.

After some brief arguing about the rights to use the mirror, and some backtalk from sanji directed at bogbrushes back, we decide to fulfill sanji's wish of going to the gallery.

So we zoom out from the house and we find the gallery after some looking around.

Sanji rides the taxi ALL ALONE, but he has his helmet so kerry said it was coo`

Once there, sanji gets right to admiring the magnificent toilet. Good times.

Meanwhile, back home, kerry wants to make a meal for everyone.

She suggest fish to everyone, but is forced to make mac and cheese due to not wanting to set the house on fire.

Bogbrush finally gets his turn on the computer-machine, while skee washes the puked-down toilet. Just before AAsama has to take a dump.

Bogbrush congratulates kerry on a job well done, by talking about computers.

Meanwhile, Sanji is locked inside the museum for the night. It seems his inquisitive nature in regards to toilets have caused him to land in yet another pickle.

And there arent even enough beds in the house for everyone!
No money and only kerry has a job, how will this end?

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Posting another part of this ongoing series.

We return to the Fag household roughly where we left off.

This is the situation:
Not enough beds, not enough money, sanji is locked in a museum, bogbrush is insane. Lets see how this turns out.

So the first thing that had to be sorted was the sleeping arrangements. Luckily, we were able to sell the bed and both cupboards w/lamps for enough money to buy 5 invidividual beds.

And...wait what, how did sanji get here?

Just after, AAsama notices a funky smell

...and bogbrush sneaks quietly off to take a shower. He thinks he deserves to play the football-game he likes so much. Seriously, he never uses the computer for anything but that damn football game, and he has it on loud as fuck too. Oh, and while bog feels good about himself, AAsama has to clean up after him.

AAsama eats some of kerry`s leftover cooking and gets a new wish.

..but the wish is denied a few seconds later.

Kerry sees a competitor in the culinary ways!

...and promptly starts talking to the sink about how much better her mac and cheese is.

...until Skee interrupts by offering to do the dishes.

Kerry has to do the dishes while skee goes pouting to bed.

But as soon as the coast is clear, she is at it again. Man, she wishes skee WOULD start something. Knock a nigguh out y`know?

And while everyone else is sleeping soundly in their cheap-ass dormitory, kerry continues to talk shit to the sink and bogbrush is STILL playing his loud fucking football games. He hasnt had a wish since he moved in, hes only been sitting around,recently only in his underwear, playing football game on the PC and Space Commando on the Mirror. The man has ambitions tough. I have no idea how hes gonna do that with this lifestyle.

But bogbrush finally realize that hes very tired and heads off to bed. Kerry decides to take a long shower and then sit on the couch for a while, all the while thinking how tired she is.. I then realize that kerry has a big day tomorrow filled with WORK. Naturally we need an alarm clock right?
So we sell some of our shitty flowers to afford a brand new alarmclock.

Then i literally have to FORCE kerry to go to bed, or she would have sat on the couch all night thinking about her bed.

...and for some reason, she changes into her coat to sleep in B|



Sanji and AAsama are the first to awaken, sanji cheers at the sight of aasamas crotch and the thought of beeing a criminal. And sheeet..is that a pony-tail?

Sanji wastes no time in explaining all about his museum-hijinks last night, waking up skee in the process. Skee ponders about how sanji could have changed so much overnight, where did he even get those shades? Seriously, i have no idea. I dont tamper with this kind of shit.

..but its cool, cus then sanji starts talking about painting/drawing and skee really fucking loves drawing.

Sanji wants to talk more about the museum visit, but everyone fucks off suddenly and leaves sanji to curse at the carpet and waking up bogbrush in the process.

..who then goes on to hunt down the last of kerrys mac and cheese.

After making a quick escape, AAsama gets a wish in regards to a job. Job means money AND lifetime happiness, fuck yer. He goes online(aw shit, hack?) to find a suitable job, and finds one!

After this, sanji decides to check and leave the mail. Shiiiiiit, we can barely afford food. We may have to sell bogbrush.

But no, we have another problem. Kerry has woken up, in her coat, and for some reason she wants to fuck up someones day.

As for a target for this awful act...well lets see what bogbrush has done today:

Played Space Commando in his underwear? Check
Eaten Sanjis breakfast? Check
Got caught eating sanjis breakfast but accused skee of it? Check

Kerry moves in for the kill.

shits pretty successful, a cold front is brewing. Kerry celebrates by making a poo.

Bogbrush tries to recover from this attack by comforting himself that he is the best space commando this side of the street, kerry has some shit coming to her from sanji. Apparently sanji thinks kerry is insane.

Kerry thinks sanji is the insane one here

Sanji takes the moral upper ground and declares this childish

The discussion ends by sanji walking away, probably in slow motion judging from those glasses.

Kerry kills some time while waiting for the car pool by cleaning the toilet, Sanji stands ready to shit all over it. Im guessing he hasnt let the discussion go completely.

And while kerry has to take the car pool to work, aasama and skee discuss computers while bogbrush tries to make them move the fuck away so he can play his football game.

Kerry arrives at work, a swanky pastry-shop looking thing, and decides to work hard today so the power wont get turned of by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, sanji decides to take off all his clothes and piss all over kerrys newly cleaned toilet.

Here ends part 2.

To sum up our status:

- No money to pay bills
- Sanji, bogbrush and kerry are not getting along.
- Sanji has turned pimp overnight
- Bogbrush is still playing Space Commando all day
- Kerry is now insane

Stay tuned for part three.

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1. Bogbrush is a douche.

2. Sanji is clearly a sped. = )

Other then that, great thread, i'l defintely stay tuned.

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