Sims 4 on PS4...what are the chances?

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I'm buying it for my PC, but I do wonder if we will see a PS4 port that is closer to what teh PC is like?

The Sims has been on PS2, PS3 and it stands to reason it will come to PS4 in some form, but I wonder if this will be a very close port. The minimum specs for the PC version of Sims 4 seem easily within PS4's ability, so a full port would likely not turn out too bad graphically. I guess time will tell.

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One can only imagine, but I doubt it would be a 1:1 experience like the PC. If you're really into the expanded universe stuff (expansions) that come later on, getting it on PC is a no brainer. If you're like me and just want to spend an hour with it here and there building houses or playing God until you get bored, a console version is my go-to.

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They both have a 4 in the name so it's pretty much required, right?

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I feel like I always ask this question when I Sims game is being launched.

And it's never the case. The sims, Bustin' out, etc. were always a single player focused "scenario driven" experience.

I think the Sims 3 finally allowed for a PC like experience, but was hampered by ridiculous load times. Like, really ridiculous.

Here's to hoping though!

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They've done sims on consoles in the past (including the last sims game: the sims 3). It definitely isn't out of the question.

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It has nothing to do with graphics, it has everything to do with controls, however the PS4 touchpad could allow for a more accurate representation of the PC version on consoles. Time will tell I guess.

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It will probably follow The Sims 3's example and the console versions will come out a year or two after the PC version.

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The sims is an awful franchise and needs to die in a fire!

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