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Too addictive! 1

Having got this game for Christmas years ago, I became completely hooked and lived for the release of the expansion packs! Having complete control over characters appearence, personalties, accomodations and every aspect of their lives means that there are endless possibilities and therefore endless hours to be wasted playing! This becomes even more of the case when expansion packs are added, and the amount of activites you can do are increased. Having now become a faithful to Sims 2, I still thi...

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An Accessible Addiction for All 0

The Sims marks a true milestone in gaming.  Will Wright's "God Game" took on a new aspect of life, namely all of it!If you thought that constructing and maintaining a successful city was hard in the SimCity series then you wait until you try raising a family.  Climbing the corporate ladder, buying, building and maintaining a house and the going-ons within are all present and just as dastardly a task as their real life counterparts.  Basically, the Sims takes the hectic lives we all live and turn...

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The Sims 1 review by M Bob, pro game reviewer 0

     The Sims So this is my review of The Sims for PC. Just to be clear, I've had some drink so please excuse me. Just to be awkward, I'm playing it on OSX. The Sims I mean. I hate Macs but I'm stuck on one. Don't ask. The expansion packs were really good although I stopped with Superstar which I thought jumped the shark. By this point it was also clear that EA were marketing the game more towards girls/women. Its annoying because when you look at the original, its not at all feminine, despite s...

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