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As it is the final encounter in the game, the battle with The Sixteenth Colossus is by far the most spectacular. The fight itself combines many conventions that have appeared previously in the game, into one, epic, and arduous battle.

The first stage tasks the player with figuring out how to get closer to the Colossus whilst it fires large, powerful energy bolts at them. This attack is seemingly the most powerful in the game, as being hit by it forces the player back a good distance, making it impossible to advance without taking advantage of cover.

The Colossus itself is fairly immobile as it is connected to the ground at a certain point, and its only attack is therefore the energy bolts mentioned previously. The second stage is concerned with climbing to the top of the Colossus and, from there, figuring out how to find its vital points.

This is the only Colossus in the game to have glowing, gold, bracelets around its arms which act as a wall for the player. If Wander comes into contact with one of these bracelet-like objects, he loses some health and is propelled away from it.

Similarly, this Colossus is not only made from the standard stone-work, fur, and questionable flesh that the other Colossi are. Much of its body takes the form of a firey, charred, black surface, which prevents the player from climbing it.

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