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The Snake was once governor of some of the richest provinces in the homeland where he made an extremely fruitful living from under declaring the taxes he collected but, when the king found out, he had him posted here to the 'new colonies'. During one of his first military encounters, he went up against the Lord’s father losing an eye to him in combat. On that day the Snake swore he would not rest until the decapitated heads of the player's entire family were lined up on spikes outside his keep. In the original Stronghold, The Snake is one of the four lords who have split the land between themselves. Whilst being very conniving and sly, he also bullies The Rat along with The Pig. He is the one who tricked players father into a trap that 
cost him his life, although he was not the one who actually killed him.
The Snake is an AI opponent that appears in both Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader. In Stronghold, he uses spearmen, archers, siege equipment, some crossbowmen, and a few macemen. In Crusader, he uses spearmen, archers, arabian archers, slingers, laddermen, slaves, and catapults.  
His castle managing features thick walls, two small towers and a moat. When finished, his castle looks like the letter "S". He's relatively good AI. He'll rarely send resources to his allies, but will happily agree to attack with them. He creates units in great quantities, yet they are not very well armed. His military tactics aren't really remarkable. He'll try to climb up your walls, using laddermen and will try to burn your farms with slaves.
Difficulty: Medium

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