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The Stanley Parable was conceived by Davey Wreden, a lifelong gamer and USC graduate. Feeling a distinct lack of surprise in the storytelling of most games, Wreden wondered what would happen if the player could ignore the demands of the game's narration. The ideas spiraled from there, and the resulting game explores themes such as player freedom and raises questions about how stories should be experienced in video games.

The Stanley Parable is free and only requires Source Engine SDK to run (which can be downloaded for free). It is currently available form ModDB. Wreden, an admittedly inexperienced game designer, currently plans to release a more polished version of The Stanley Parable with the aid of more skilled.


The Stanley Parable opens with the narrator (Kevan Brighting) introducing the player to eponymous character Stanley. Stanley is a desk-jockey who carries out mundane tasks he is assigned through a monitor at his work station, and is content to perform these tasks day in and day out. Then things change. Stanley has stopped receiving new tasks from his monitor, and it seems that his office building is devoid of anyone but himself. After being directed to leave Stanley's office by the narrator, the player follows a hallway until they reach a room with two doors. The narrator instructs the player to take the door on the left. This is where The Stanley Parable really begins.

The player is allowed to take whichever door he or she pleases, and will to either obey or disobey the narrator through the course of the game. The game freely breaks the fourth wall with the narrator steadily becoming irritated with the player's noncompliance, and there are multiple endings to be seen depending on the choices made throughout the game.

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