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The Terminator: Rampage is a first-person corridor crawler set inside an enormous military facility in 1988.  The player must work through each level and locate its exit, while fighting off security robots with an array of period weapons. 


SkyNet's latest hare-brained attempt to wipe out all human resistance involves sending a "Meta-Node" back to 1984.  The opening cutscenes detail how the Meta-Node travels to N.O.R.A.D.'s Cheyenne Mountain headquarters, murders everyone inside, and uses the base's equipment to construct an army of guard robots.  These protect the already-fortified bunker while the Meta-Node builds SkyNet's core. 
The player controls a human commando from the future, transported to the first level of the facility.  With only a pistol for defense, they must fight through SkyNet/Meta-Node's minions and seek out better weapons. 
The ultimate goal is confront and destroy the Meta-Node at the bottom of the base.  Along the way, the player also needs to locate the parts to construct a "V-TEC" plasma rifle - the strongest weapon in the game, and the tool needed to vaporize the Meta-Node. 


Rampage features standard gameplay for a pre-Doom FPS.  Levels are constructed as a series of 90-degree mazes, with numerous doors and rooms.  A minimap helps keep track of the elaborate and frequently-confusing layout.  Weapons, ammo, and health pickups are not marked on the map, so each room must be checked individually if the player doesn't want to miss anything. 
Aside from guns and ammo, clearance cards must be located to unlock the next level.  The V-TEC rifle is also broken into components and scattered around the levels.  Its construction progress is tracked on a separate menu screen, and the player is notified upon entering a new level if a part is somewhere on the level.
Infiltrator terminator
Enemies range from light flying units and floating mines, to tougher Terminator skeletons and infiltrator units (which shed their flesh when shot).  All of the machines have been cobbled together using 1980s materials, and so are weaker than their filmic counterparts.  However, Terminators will still take numerous blasts from assault rifles and shotguns to put down. Furthermore, Terminators will appear dead, but get back up, if not shot a few more times while on the ground. 


The engine supports textured walls, ceilings, and floors.  Bitmap images are used instead of hand-drawn sprites, giving more semblance of realism.  2-D props are also based on photographs, and include chairs, office plants, and similar decoration.  Transparencies are supported, allowing for windows and glass doors throughout the levels.  Floors and ceiling textures can be disabled to improve performance on low-spec machines.

CD-ROM release

CD intro
Terminator: Rampage was released on floppy disk and CD-ROM.  The CD release includes a slightly expanded intro with additional animated scenes (showing an orbital SkyNet platform launching the Meta-Node).  The CD release also bumps the version to 1.01, but doesn't appear to make any other changes.

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