Sherlock Holmes 6 has an E3 trailer for 2012. It's out in Sept.

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For context,

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Justin's amazing story of the best/worst e3 demo ever was both fascinating and shocking. I wanted to see if anyone reviewed the game, and a search led me to the amazing fact that this game is still in development, but only for a few more months. In case you were wondering if the marketing for the game had a consistent narrative, here's the E3 2012 trailer:

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Sherlock's grave with Watson's narration within the first 30 seconds.

Then a guy with bad teeth. We need an interview, Giant Bomb.

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Edit: actually pretty cool, but i probably won't be playing it 

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I'm just going to continue assuming the only logical thing: Holmes is pulling the usual shennagins on Watson.

Also it would be rather amazing if they can pull of a satisfying Sherlock Holmes game where in you actually feel like you're deductive and reasonable....can't wait for the quick look!

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I've always wanted to play a Sherlock Holmes game and the music from the trailer is pretty badass.

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You know what, this game could have the potential to be pretty good, allthough I'm not the biggest Sherlock fan so I'm probably not going to play this, unless it gets extremely nice reviews or I just buy it once it's cheap.

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@ThePhantomStranger: Hmm, never thought that maybe the developers are crazy like a fox, not ruining the plot but playing up a false angle on the story.

I like adventure games. Holmesian deduction is one of their clear inspirations. It all fits really well. This game might end up being crap, but they've got me intrigued.

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It actually looks competent.

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I'm getting some good use out of this today.

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Reminds me of that insane E3 podcast talk last year.

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bets on if sherlock is actually dead? late game twist he's alive! I want to know how he dies.

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Oh, so this is SHix.

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I'm actually pretty interested in this. I'm a bit of a Holmes fan and if done well, it could be fun. Also, Holmes faking being dead is something that's happened before... look up the Reichenbach Falls.

I'd actually be interested in a game based off of the BBC Sherlock series - done with something like the LA Noire style gameplay, it could be cool.

Also.... Cumberbatch

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Very cool. Definitely on my "To-Get" list.

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should get justin in to do a quick look with one of the guys

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