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The Thirteenth Colossus (also known as "Trail Drifter", "Phalanx", and "Aeris Velivolus") takes the form of a huge, serpentine, flying beast which resides in a large, sparse desert space.

This is one of the largest Colossi in the game, only it never attacks the player. The only damage Wander receives is due to either falling off the beast, or being dragged quickly into the sand after riding its back.

The player must use their bow and arrow to bring the Colossus to a height closer to the ground, where from the beast can be mounted. To mount it, the player must rely on the speed of their horse, Argo, to catch up with the Colossus.

It has three vital points and it attempts to force the player into only attacking one at a time, by covering itself up with large sections of skin.

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