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A fun distraction for a short amount of time.

I'm sort of a closet point-and-click-puzzle game lover. I've really played very little in the genre, in fact, the only one that comes to mind right now was Axel & Pixel which I played on my Xbox 360. That being said, I'm constantly looking for other games like this that I might be able to get in to, for me the real hurdle was the price (same reason I haven't gotten Machinarium quite yet).

I was surprised to beat this game in under three hours (Steam lists 2 hours played, but I did play the demo first), especially since the first level took up at least a full hour. I think the $13.50 spent on the game was well worth it, though if I were to recommend it to friends I might advise them to possibly wait for a bigger sale later in the year.

It was incredibly satisfying to collect the puzzle pieces throughout the chapters and assemble them at the end of each, I would love to see DLC for this game adding more to this mechanic. Overall I think the puzzles in this game were made directly for me: some were easy but incredibly satisfying to solve (the ripped portrait, colored ball circles, rotating colored light bulbs), some required a lot of trial and error, and some were even downright impossible-seeming but I ended up getting through them (world map venn diagram, both pipe puzzles). Oh but I did hate the retro-style video game sequences, so slow and annoying! :)

I really hope the developers are seeing good returns on this game and I hope they put a portion of that to expanding it further, either with a sequel or small (low price) chunks of DLC expanding the game. I would love to see a narrative thread tacked on to this with the same art style done with sequential panels (imagine a motion comic between chapters).    


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