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They play an essential role in the story of Final Fantasy VII. Through the stories behind these characters they shed light on the secret history of the Shinra organization. The Turks are a group that perform covert operations on behalf of Shinra, including kidnappings, espionage and assassinations given to them by the President. They also scout various cities for potential candidates for Shinra's elite military unit, SOLDIER. A unit that holds a few candidates that were too powerful to control. The Turks also served as bodyguards for the Shinra executives.

The group's full name is the Department of Administrative Research. Within the original game, Final Fantasy VII; the Turks Reno, Rude, Elena, and their leader Tseng serve as recurring antagonists throughout, although they are not above forming temporary alliances with AVALANCHE, the game's group of central protagonists. They were sent out to take out this group of rebels, but at times their interests crossed and seemed somewhat profitable for them to work together to accomplish their goals. The President's views on how Shinra should conduct its rule over the world was through fear and intimidation rather than money. This was considered dangerous by his father before him, and great care was taken to prevent them from influencing the company's inner workings using this method.

Through this the company became obsessed and corrupt with only their goal in mind, they became even more ruthless and relentless in the process. The Turks go way back to a time when things weren't as bad and what they were doing felt less wrong. There were a number of other members before them that shared their goals, even the mysterious Vincent Valentine before he was locked up in the Shinra Mansion for reasons of his own. As a result of that he joined AVALANCHE in their task at getting rid of Shinra and putting an end to it.

It seemed like it all came to an end after the attack on the Shinra Headquarters by Diamond Weapon, but the President survived. The result of that and the loyal members of the Turks was to repay the world for the wrong that they have done to it. Their interest from there on out was to rebuild Shinra and restrore the planet to it's original state before the drastic changes that they took in the past.

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