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Special Ability

Every one of the seven playable characters in The Cave is given one special ability. These special abilities diversify the cast and gives them each a unique advantage. The Twins' special ability involves the utilization of cloning; in the game's instructions, the ability is referred to as "ghosting." The twins can produce clones of themselves who hold the ability to continue performing mindless task such as holding a lever down to keep a door open or providing dead weight on a door sensor so that they themselves can go about their business.


The twins are raised by young and extraordinarily wealthy parents in the heart of Victorian London. They routinely engage in violent and destructive behavior, but the parents are oblivious to their children's exploits and dote upon them ceaselessly, believing them to be perfect and completely innocent.

The twins quickly progress to killing animals, poisoning dogs that make too much noise and burning the ponies given them by their father. The twins experience absolutely no remorse, and soon begin trying to kill their parents. They attempt to yank a chair out from under their father and trip their mother so that she falls down the stairs; while their parents are physically hurt by these events, they are not successfully murdered.

At this point, the interactive stage of the twin's story begins. The player enters and explores the twins' house, destroying and stealing various objects along the way. They attempt to go outside, but their father blocks the front door, noting that the family is about to sit down to a dinner of "sausage and tater soup." Their mother is preparing it in the kitchen. After climbing up to the roof of the house and down the chimney, the twins locate the house's skeleton key and access the cellar, where they find a bag of rat poison. Using the family's guard dog as a distraction, the twins then poison the soup, instantly killing their parents. The narrator, speaking in voiceover, claims that the twins found life with their parents confining and sought to live lives free of boundaries like meals and bedtimes. Despite revealing this motivation, he notes that he doesn't truly know what lies at the heart of their insanity.

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