A "Home Position Edition" of Typing of the Dead...

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For those who know right away this gem of a game has some issues running in the current OS. For the few that remember, lets strap back on a D-Battery powered Dreamcast and keyboard to kill a bunch of zombies.

This is a title that should be on Steam or a downloadable game for the currents PC/Mac gamers willing to get back in the "Home Position". My question is this: For those who remember this game, would you recommend this to a friend or someone who probably never heard of this game? Would you like to see an updated port release of this game and a patch for those dusty copies put there?

"Be cool like Chris and know your Home Position"

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Can you send me a copy of "Typing of the Dead" so I can play!?

#3 Posted by REDRUN (1475 posts) -

Goozex or other game trading sites may have it for $5.00 or less. Its a fun game replacing the light gun for a keyboard.

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I "acquired" a copy of this some time ago and I would not recommend this to anyone. At least, not to pay for. It's fun for a few laughs, but it's fairly inconsistent in the difficulty/length of words/sentences.

That, and the game was damn easy.

#5 Posted by REDRUN (1475 posts) -

damn easy? I still have a hard time typing with an A accurracy.


#6 Posted by Catbus (36 posts) -
@REDRUN said:
" damn easy? I still have a hard time typing with an A accurracy.
Oh god, I want TotD2 localized NAO!

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