Has anyone played The Unfinished Swan yet?

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I just played the first level of it and the game is great. It's unique in using paint to paint the world around you. Objects appearing in the world through paint is fascinating and finding out those objects are really cool.

How is it to you guys?

UPDATE: I just recently beat the game. It's a great game but it ends abruptly and it's VERY short. It's more of a $7 game max. It goes between 2-3 hours. The gameplay is fun, the visuals are simple but nice to look at, and the voice overs are great. It's a fantastic game.

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I don't have plus. I may get it next week.

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Can an unfinished swan still break your arm?

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@ImmortalSaiyan: I'm guessing barely anyone on this site has played the game.

@Jimbo said:

Can an unfinished swan still break your arm?

No, but it can break your wing. Boom?

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I haven't finished it yet...*Herman Cain smile*

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I think this game is coming out at a bad time. There way to many games that are more appealing. I was initially excited to play US because the game mechanics look awesome, but there are a bunch of AAA release coming soon or out already and a selection of PSN games that I still have to work through. Am I really going to play an experimental fps that last 2.5 hours after I just spent 40 hours blasting through Borderlands 2 and want to play XCOM and Retro City Rampage? For $15 with no Plus discount, I'm willing to wait to see if its free later on or they discount it.

I bought Journey during the early access period and enjoyed it, but when the game was discounted I remember thinking "this game is closer to $11.99 than $15." I get the same gut feeling from Unfinished Swan, its in the queue as a curiosity but Quick Look didn't leave me impressed.

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@djou: Not much is coming out this Fall that I would pay full price for. I'm only getting AC3 CE. I want Dishonored but I wouldn't pay $65 for it, so I'm waiting for a price drop. I have no interest in XCOM & Retro City Rampage was enjoyable from what I played of the demo, but my blindness makes seeing that game difficult. I also wait for most games to drop to $20-$30 before I pick them up and I borrow about half the games I play. So I don't mind paying full price for downloadable games, even if it's super short. I actually have to play through 21 games right now so I'm going to go through the PSN games first and work up to the retail games.

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I just purchased it this evening and then subsequently finished it in one (3 hr) sitting. It was charming, whimsical, and enjoyable. I didn't realize Terry Gilliam was the voice of the King until the credits rolled around, but that was a nice bit of casting. The visual stylings are diverse and super cool. The painting mechanic and blueprint block building mechanic were definitely my favorites; as Patrick said in the QL (and I would agree), the block making mechanic was a little underutilized.

I went back after I finished it and spent another 30 mins trying to get the "Minimalist" trophy, which involves getting through that first painting section using 3 or less paint balls. I managed it, but man, was that hard. It's incredibly disorienting walking through all-white for the majority of the time while there are obstacles that you can't see in your way, let alone trying to climb invisible staircases and wooden planks. There are very very few reference points to use, occasionally you'll see the swan tracks, or a small glimmer of gold on a statue. I ended up running through the level a couple times using the paint first to help me memorize where I needed to go.

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@beard_of_zeus: I played the first level earlier and I'm going to get on in a couple minutes to finish the game. I really enjoyed it and I like everything you like about it. It seems like a great game that probably won't sell much. I'm excited to start. I'm going now!

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Has anyone gotten the Rocketeer or Spaceman trophies yet? I'm confused about what they mean by launching the blueprint boxes. I've been throwing them, building them, etc. but the trophy won't pop up... Does anyone know how to do it? Great game by the way...

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@Klesko4: Someone on Twitter said to make the block, grab it, turn on the Sniper toy and launch it into the air.

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Just finished it then. I thought the length was fine, and just as the painting mechanic was starting to wear thin the game turned into something else.

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I played through it and I liked it. However, it felt like non of the interesting gameplay mechanics introduced were expanded upon enough. Still, a very interesting game.

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Price aside, the game is really fun. It has a good feel about it and I had fun. The most enjoyment moment for me was actually trying to get that minimalist trophy. Man is that difficult. It has been a long time since I felt that good when playing a game. The crazy sense of relief you feel when you see the swan's foot prints or some of the golden pieces on the statues is amazing.

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Got this on sale and found it charming and well made. Honestly this has my favorite first person puzzle mechanics since portal 2. And the art design is almost universally gorgeous. Surpised so many people slept on this one. Give it a shot if you have any interest.

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@kierkegaard: It's a great game and I can't wait for Giant Sparrow's next game. It does suck that not many people played it. I'm sure a lot of people would love it.

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