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The Vanquisher is a range-focused class in Torchlight. She specializes in the dexterity stat, and gains 40 HP and 5 MP per level. Her three skill trees are: Marksman, Rogue, and Arbiter, and she starts with a point in Ricochet.

Starting Stats

  • HP: 200
  • MP: 20
  • Strength : 5
  • Dexterity : 10
  • Magic: 7
  • Defense: 6

Skill Trees

Character levels are the only requirement to unlock any skill. All skills have 10 ranks, but only 1 is needed to activate the skill.


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
Fires a bouncing shot
Ranged Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from ranged weapons
Lvl 5Frost Pilum
Fires a freezing lance
Critical Strikes (passive)
Increases chance and damage of criticals
Lvl 10Adventurer (passive)
Increases EXP gain and potion effectiveness
Seeking Shot
Fire 3 shots that home in to enemies
Offensive Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of offensive spell scrolls
Lvl 15Explosive Shot
Fires a shot that explodes on impact
Lvl 20Block and Parry (passive)
Increases chance to block
Lvl 25Arrow Hail
Fires a rain of arrows at an area


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2
StartNeedle Arc
Fires an arc of slowing needles
Lvl 5Stab
Dashes to attack an enemy
Armor Expertise (passive)
Increases armor
Lvl 10Winds of Justice
Knocks back and stuns enemies
Defensive Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of defensive spell scrolls
Lvl 15Martial Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from melee weapons
Lvl 20Venomous Dirks
Fire poisonous daggers that seek enemies
Barter (passive)
Better buying and selling prices
Lvl 25Hamstring
Slices an enemy to impair movement and cause bleeding
Treasure Hunter (passive)
Increases gold and items gained


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2
StartLightning Bomb
Throws an electric grenade
Lvl 5Flame Trap
Sets a fire trap
Dual Wielding (passive)
Increases damage of weapons while dual wielding
Lvl 10Charm Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of charm spell scrolls
Lvl 15Flechette Trap
Sets a trap that sprays needles at enemies
Pet Mastery
Increases pet damage and armor
Lvl 20Devouring Trap
Sets a trap that reduces enemy armor
Magic Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from magical weapons
Lvl 25Shock Trap
Sets a trap that fires lightning bolts
Advanced Spellcasting
Reduces level requirements to spells

Torchlight II

In Torchlight II, it is revealed that "Vanquishers" are not lone heroes, unlike Destroyers and Alchemists, but instead are a vast army or militia of peacekeeping soldiers who protect the nameless Torchlight world. The Alchemist from the first game returns as a high-ranking leader, and is the only one of the three original heroes to be given a name, now known as "Commander Vale".

Vale is no longer playable, but does show up in the plotline. She is seen assisting the Estherians against the fury of the corrupted Alchemist.

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