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The Veldt is a span of wilderness in Final Fantasy VI that exists within both the World of Balance and World of Ruin.  It is also home to Gau, a wild boy abandoned by his father when he was just a baby.  Gau is befriended by randomly encountering him after a battle on the Veldt and giving him a piece of dried meat.

Dangers of the Veldt

The Veldt is an unusual region of the world map primarily for one reason.  The player may randomly encounter any enemy that they have previously fought while on the Veldt no matter where or when the enemy had been encountered.  Even boss monsters can appear, making it a potentially dangerous to wander through unprepared.
While on the Veldt, Gau has an extra battle ability called "Leap."  When Leap is used, Gau will jump onto an enemy and the battle will end.  After a few more random encounters, he'll rejoin the party, having learned the abilities of enemies that the player fought while he was absent.

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