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The Walking Dead: Assault is a squad based strategy game based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series. Broken up into "issues" like the comic the game begins at the moment when Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens in the hospital. Players assemble and upgrade their team of up to four characters and go through scenarios based around big moments in the comic. Unlike other games in The Walking Dead franchise, Assault focuses on tactically killing zombies fast for high scores.


• the hospital

• main st.

• the crossroads

• the tank

• the car park

• the helipad

• the warehouse

• industrial area

• gun shop alley

• the forest

• the camp



Special move: Police Training- rick gets guaranteed headshots

Team bonus: Leadership- Team more accurate when attacking


Special move: Freakout- Shane reloads twice as fast, dealing twice the damage

Team bonus: Lock & Load- team deals 25% more damage


Special move: Decoy-glen uses himself as bait to creat a distraction

Team bonus: Delivery Boy- team runs faster


Special move: Shroud- Camoflauges the team to move unseen amongst walkers.

Team bonus: Battle Cry- Team can use their special moves more often


Special move: Field Medic- Heals team

Team bonus: Rapid fire- team has increased attack rate


Special move: Survivor- team deals 50% more damage with melee weapons

Team bonus: Resilient- team takes 25% less damage


Special move: sharpshooter- team scores more headshots

Team bonus: Keen Eye- attack radius of all weapons is increased


Special move: Dodge- team evades all attacks

Team bonus: Isolation- Walkers are knocked back further when hit


Special move: Clarity- Freezes walkers for a short period of time

Team bonus: Mother's Touch- team gradually heals over time


Special move: Whirlwind- Michonne slashes her katana killing all walkers around her.

Team bonus: Silent Killer- teammates are quieter when using ranged weapons.

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