OK, So How Screwed Up Am I? *Spoilers*

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So I downloaded episode 1 of Walk Dead: Season 2 on my Vita this morning. So far I am really pleased with the better looking UI but even more pleased that the game isn't a total trash port like Season 1 was. However, then they go and do it...they make me have a little bit of feels for a dog and naturally the thing goes ape shit and attacks me. Then I feel I have to put it out of its misery and then I feel like a total piece of garbage...over killing a fake dog. In all honesty, I felt more about one that decision than I did anything in Season 1 of Walking Dead. How screwed up is that? I know that it feels we are more prone to get upset in films when dogs die, but the second I ran into the dog I almost predicted Tell Tale would take the path of using the dog as a manipulative tool.

Has this happened to you in a game? Maybe I was a little more prone to the reaction since my dog was injured recently, but still.

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fuck dogs! and all of Telltales unskippable pets. that is all.

sorry Rorie I dont mean it! dogs are awesome.

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