400 Days not recognising my PS3 save game from 1st season

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Apologies if this has been done before, all I can see on here and on Telltale forums are for PC/360 issues.

I completed season one, made sure my save was on the Cloud thingie, and left it. I now have a new PS3, and have got 400 Days. I downloaded it (Digital version) and installed the game. Then went into my "Online Storage" and grabbed the Walking Dead file and copied it, so now it is visible on the PS3 menu screen.

Only when I go to start up 400 Days, it says do I want to generate solutions from skipped episodes.

Clearly I haven't skipped episodes, and the game was so personal in it's decisions when I played through that I really don't want randomly generated answers. Has anyone had this issue and found a solution?

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Pah, have even downloaded all the episodes and installed them. Still no joy. Think that might be it for me and Walking Dead then. Playing through again trying to remember all the choices I made would lessen the impact of my initial playthrough I think.

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