400 Days of Rage: Save bug hit after I beat the game

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So I beat The Walking Dead on January 25th of this year according to my Steam achievements and the latest SAVE file in my Documents/TelltaleGames/TheWalkingDead folder. However, upon launching the game to get into 400 Days, it placed my save somewhere in Episode 3, with apparently no decisions made for Episodes 4 and 5.

I've attempted having my prefs.prop file go from place to place, although I only ever found the one that was with all my save files Documents/TelltaleGames/TheWalkingDead folder. I've also yet to actually go to the game itself starting at episode 3. What is my play here? Will a steam uninstall/reinstall do anything? It bears mentioning that I refused to play Mass Effect 3 for a year because of the minor bug in which faces that started in Mass Effect 1 would not import at the beginning. I am not a reasonable man.

Also, I am aware that the 400 Days probably doesn't take the choices from the first season in a big way, this is more prep for season 2, and I'd rather not play 400 Days on a different save file.

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@mrcool11: Start from the save if you want your choices. For whatever reason my save file is gone from my PC so I have to play it again, which sucks since the gameplay was so long and tedious the first time.

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Just played through it, dosent to have anything to do with season 1 at all. Except for one reference that I can think of, but thats not about any player choice made in season 1. You can just play it.

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Sadly, in order to get to that episode I must "Generate story for skipped episodes" which would then leave me with a save that is all my decisions until the train in episode 3, then a load of randomly generated ones until the 400 Days. You have to realize that I am not sane when it comes to these decision-managing things. My canon must live on.

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I'd say make a backup of your entire walking dead folder (I like right-click, send to -> zip), and then figure out which is the correct prefs.prop file, move that to the correct place and remove all the others.

I posted about my save game issues for the original episodes here.

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