400Days Impressions: Human-Sanity

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So just downloaded and played 4/5 of 400Days (all except Bonnie) and here are some of my thoughts and impressions about the story (in my order of playing): SPOILERS--


Not sure why I chose to start w/ Russel. Maybe because he was black like Lee and was subconsciously drawn to him. I wanted to play one of the girls' stories last and Vince somewhere in the middle, so I just went from there.

Hah, when the car drove up I was like, oh crap is it Lily?! In my playthrough of season 1 I had let Lily stay with us, so she stole the RV, was half expecting it was her. I figured I would get in and get a free ride. I tried to keep an open mind throughout with the stranger, but jesus. When it came down to it at the gas station I just left him. I try to adopt a strict no killing policy... because I have too much faith in humanity. Russel's still a young guy, and running away from his previous group takes guts. Hope he turns out okay.


Alright music! It would be very good if the group could sit down together once a week or so and share something creative that they have done with each other, whether it's music, poetry or whatnot.. you know.. keep the sanity levels in check. Had bad feeling about Roman, but again trying to keep an open mind here. My faith in humanity kicked in again and I let the thief go.

Now that I think about it, since the thief didn't even speak english, the only reason Roman threatened the guy was to scare everyone else in the group! What a douche! Yeah by the end I was pretty convinced that Roman was trying to turn this into his little dictatorship.

When it came to the decision to kill Steph or run away with Becca. I chose to run away, BUT I really wish we could have saved Steph and ran away with her as well. Steph seemed really nice.. and pretty.. so I was kinda hoping.. LESBIAN ORGY.. *COUGH*.. just kidding. But I was also afraid that Becca would run away after we ran away, which would make the decision basically 1. Kill Steph OR 2. Runaway and lose Becca. Again my faith in humanity.. hurts to see someone so young talking so coolly about killing someone.


The asian dude who is probably Glenn's brother woooOOOoooo! (I'm being a ghost). Kind of amazing how they set this whole scene in the bus. Honestly I wasn't paying much attention to what Justin and Danny were saying and kept my mouth shut for most of it.. which is probably what I would have done irl. Danny accused of sodomy or something? Justin a con man? That's really all I caught.

Got pretty intense pretty quick, cheap rookie ass cop. Lol so when it came down to shooting whose leg off, I really had no preference, since as I said I wasn't paying much attention to dialogue. As far as I was concerned we're humans trying to survive. DAT FAITH... so... whatever reason I chose to shoot Justin's leg (the white con man). Lol maybe I subconsciously wanted to shoot myself (my real name is Justin). I was hoping we would be able to carry him along with us (like in episode2, but with less dying), but oh well.


Honestly thought it said "Watt". Like above, I wasn't listening TOO much to what Eddie was saying, just wanted to get somewhere safe. I thought whoever we hit was a walker, so I wanted to leave. I wasn't going out there. I think this was the least exciting/interesting story arc out of the 4 I played so far. In the fog, on the run, with some guy who makes terrible jokes to relieve stress. Along with my faith in humanity, I also appreciate some quality silence, you know.. like meditative silence... keeps the sanity levels in check (better than cracking terrible jokes imo).

____--------Thanks for reading, I appreciate it, leave a comment if you want. =)

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