An unfair/unrealistic reaction to a choice I made (EP1+2 spoiler)

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So in Episode 1 when Larry tries to kick Doug out of the drugstore and conflict arises, I chose the I option "Let's reason with him." Not because I didn't think Larry was being ridiculous or didn't want to side with Kenny, but because I thought it made the most sense. If the group was acting logically, they would have simply checked Doug for bites and made a decision from there. In my mind, provoking Larry would simply have made him more likely to kick us out and spared him of a reason to hate me (which turned out to be a futile effort). Yet Kenny still acted like I had betrayed him throughout the rest of the episode and the next one, constantly reminding me of the fact that I didn't defend Doug. For the most part, I've felt this game has done a good job of providing dialogue choices to express a variety of opinions on each issue. However this part really irked me. I wanted to get up in Kenny's face and yell at him, tell him that I did the right thing and he was wrong to provoke conflict.

But I couldn't. I just had to sit there and take his bullshit. I want to be frustrated with this game, but if anything, this hiccup has been a testament to how engaging I found it. Toward the beginning I tried to play well and pick the most just choices. But the thing that makes this game so good is that the choices aren't inherently moral. Play a game like Infamous and the choice is always destroy or save (given that those choices got a bit better in the sequel). The choices are usually between siding with one asshole or the other. I try to apply morality and survival tactics to my choices but it often comes down to who I like better. I don't even hate these people, because my choices become more similar to theirs as the game progresses. I also do irrational things. I killed both of the St. John brothers, just because I couldn't stand to hear what the first was saying and I simply didn't know what would happen if I didn't kill the second. Would he try to join us? I couldn't imagine it considering what happened to his mom. I see Clementine's face after I kill them and I immediately think "What the hell did I just do?" I don't even know what's going on anymore.

...This game is great. :)

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i had the same reaction. and its Duck

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I hit 'reason with him' and Kenny was still on my side. It counts more than just that one decision.

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I hit 'reason with him' and Kenny was still on my side. It counts more than just that one decision.
I got through it without hitting Larry but I sided with Kenny. I got the same stuff as the op and it bugged the shit outta me as well.
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@Brodehouse: That may be true but whenever Kenny questioned me he specifically referenced that decision. Maybe it's simply an issue of overvaluing that choice. I also chose to try to save Shawn so that could be it, but I would have appreciated better communication.

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Yeah, I thought that the "reason with him" option would maybe diffuse the situation a little bit instead of siding with Larry. I'm kinda hoping that one thing doesn't get referenced beyond episode 2, because I've pretty much sided with Kenny on everything afterwards. Including episode 2. Yeah, this game is messed up!

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It kind of bugged me in episode 1, but after going through episode 2 and seeing how black/white and emotional kenny is, it makes perfect sense and is pretty forgivable in the grand scheme of things

Kenny is a whiny kid in a grown man's body who has single white female syndrome. He wants to be your only friend and always wants you to back him 100%. Stray a bit from that and he hates you.

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Happened to me in episode 2 as well, I sided against Kenny near the end of the episode, but at the end the opposite of what I actually chose showed up in the list of my choices. Gonna fuck me over in episode 3

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I've saved his life and his family's life on multiple occasions, I gave him shelter and food at a hotel, AND I've put up with his annoying ass son. Yet he whines like a little bitch.

Fuck Kenny, I'm going to be glad to get rid of him.

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So the first time I played ep. 1, I tried to "reason" with Larry, then on the second fork, between "shout Larry down" and "tell Kenny to sock him," I chose to shout him down. Choice goes down as me supporting Larry. Second time, I told Kenny to kick his ass, and the choice goes down as me supporting Kenny.

Seems like only supporting Kenny's desire for violence qualifies as supporting him. Seems a bit sketchy. The other choice is very clearly pro-Kenny - you're basically shouting COME AT ME!!! to Larry - and Kenny even thanks you multiple times for having his back. Yet ep. 2 rolls around and his dialogue suggests that I was about to toss Duck out the door, which was not at all how it went down. I'm beginning to think the choice is more bugged than nuanced, but I Rewinded the episode, so what do I care.

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