Approachability for those that have only watched the TV series.

#1 Posted by Necrothug (47 posts) -

I'm really excited to check this game out, and I think my wife would enjoy watching it. She really enjoys watching more stroy driven games as I play them, and this seems like a no brainer because she loves the TV series. Since the game is based upon the comics (which my wife hasn't read and has no interest in doing so) will this affect her enjoyment of the game? I've read every issue, and know the game is a side story with guest star appearances from many characters from the comics. For those that have played the game, read the comics, and watched the TV series; do you think there will be any issues enjoying the story if the TV series if all you've seen?

#2 Posted by Mr_JPeps (180 posts) -

NO! I prefer the game over the TV show in fact, as does my girl friend! She has never touched the comics, but watched the first 2 seasons of the show with me. I sat her in front of the game last night and she liked it a lot and plowed pretty much the whole way through it.

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I played through it with my wife who has only seen the show and she had no problems. She did think it was odd how some of the characters from the show have a different look and somewhat different personality though.

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its the same characters from the show, so i dont think there will be that much besides they are only tangential to the story. the main character is all new

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Ive only seen the show and it's fine, because the story is all new with new characters and takes place before the events of the show/comic

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Although most of the characters are new, just keep in mind that some of the characters that appear will be completely different from their TV counterparts.

#7 Posted by M_Shini (561 posts) -

Ive only seen like 4 episodes or so of series one, i don't think it will really matter if you have seen it or not, you should play it if your curious i just finished episode one and i came away feeling it was pretty fantastic.

#8 Posted by Velsk (14 posts) -

I played through with my girlfriend who hasn't read the comics or watched the show. She enjoyed the story quite a bit and was on the edge of her seat several times during some of the more tense moments.

#9 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

It's a completely different story from either the comic or the show but it takes place alongside the comic so some of the characters and locations are different from the tv show. It's still approachable for anybody and doesn't matter if you've only read the comic, watched the show or have no idea what the walking dead is.

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