are there spoilers in The Walking Dead 400?

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I played and loved the first (season?) of The Walking dead. I want to play 400 days now and my friend wants to watch. but he still wants to play the first one. will there be spoilers for the first season?

or is it all completely unrelated to the old characters?

thanks in advance.

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There's some fairly insignificant crossover. You'll notice a setting or two and the most minor of characters from season one make an appearance (and make a reference that will go over your friends head) but other than that it's standalone. I say your friend should go for it.

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There are some nods that people who played Season 1 will get but there's no spoilers.

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From my understanding:

In Russel's story...

you can see a corpse of a character that dies in Episode 3. I missed this because I chose a different option.

In Shel's story....

they allude to Vernon a bit.

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