Awesome Painting: Where Can I Get One?

#1 Posted by Fredddi43 (443 posts) -

Hey guys,

you've maybe noticed the awesome painting that's standing around the Giantbomb offices. You can see it briefly in the background behind Ryan's and Patrick's seats, for example in this I Love Mondays.

Have they ever talked about this? Because I would love to get me one of those. Maybe it's a hand painted piece, but if not and they said where they got it from, I'll order one immediately. Does anybody now something? That would be awesome!

#2 Posted by Redbullet685 (6297 posts) -

I believe it was something Telltale sent to certain game review sites. If I'm not mistaken, IGN also got one. So you probably cannot get one, sorry.

#3 Posted by Bishna (339 posts) -

Well, the crew seems to be friends with some TellTale guys, and not just Gary. I assume it was a gift, or a limited thing they send to media people. I doubt that something that big will ever see a wide release. The only thing I can think of is that it looks like the kind of thing that TellTale might auction off for charity at somepoint.

#4 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5541 posts) -

so can someone explain why the coolest merchandise only gets sent to critics?

I mean, really, what the fuck, game companies?

#5 Edited by Reisz (1611 posts) -

Actually that was a bit of swag that you could get for visiting telltales booth at PAX this year. I think they specifically sent the Bombcrew that framed version along with Clementines hat simply because they have a good relationship. Didn't Ryan say he went to the Hobbit with one of the telltale guys? I think both offices are in the same city so it makes sense if they got close.

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