Bought game but it will not start.

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So I bought the complete 5-episode back through Gamestops digital download service, installed the game through Steam, but it just won't start. Apparantly this is an issue that more people have been experiencing (the steam forums are full of posts about it but no solutions as of yet). Anyone else experience this or know what to do? I really want to play this.

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The same is happening to me under Windows 8 Pro x64. As soon as I start the game, TheWalkingDead101.exe crashes. The only solution I've found is to use the dinput8.dll that is linked in the official forums. The game starts, but the gamepad barely works.

I could play with mouse and keyboard, but I don't fucking want to.

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Yep. Be careful since I'm pretty certain it also destroys your save game. Thankfully I had a backup but I'm sure lots of new game-pad using, recent Windows 8 adopters went to play episode 5 only to have a nasty surprise.

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Yeah you have to unplug the controller to get the game to start under Windows 8, but then the controller just doesn't work when you plug it in. So I'm gonna try installing the .dll

I'm just glad I haven't started playing yet, don't want those saved to get messed up.

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I tried reinstalling, running compatibility trouble shooter, verifying file integrity, and nothing happened. It turned out that having my 360 controller plugged in was keeping the game from launching so I was forced to play the game with keyboard and mouse. Oh and trying to launch it again with the controller has the same issue of not launching but your saves get erased when I launched it again with the controller off. I'm on Win 8 Pro 64 bit.

@MikkaQ: Let me know if you get the game working again with the controller and watch out for trying to launch it with it on because it only ended up erasing my saves.

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