Can't start episode 2 (360)

#1 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

Anyone know of a way around this one?

I played episode one, loved it, and downloaded episodes 2-4.

When I tried to launch episode 2 a week later, I was forced to replay the last scene from episode 1. Credits roll and I'm tossed back to the press start screen. This happens every time I launch episode 2.

Episode 1 shows options for comtinue, back, rewind, and stats. Episodes 2-4 just show play and back.

Any ideas? I have a feeling I'll just have to delete my save file and start over from episode 1, which is damned near a deal breaker give hiw little time I have to play games, nowadays...

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

#2 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

I had this problem, I had to exit the game, delete Ep2, re-download it from the Game Store (not in-game), and then it worked.

#3 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

I tried that, no dice. I'm playing with moving save files around now.

I did notice that my HD contains files for Episode 2, 3, 4, a save file, and two vanilla Walking Dead gave me errors when I tried to delete it. The other deleted fine.

I'm trying to back-up my save before attempting to delete times!

#4 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

Incase anyone else has this problem, I did manage to get a couple of hours into Episode 2 before quitting for the night.

I did what Joey suggested, but I downloaded it in-game and IMMEDIATELY played it. If I downloaded it from the Marketplace or downloaded in-game and came back later to play, it failed.

Now I just hope I can resume the game when I go to tackle the second half of Episode 2...

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