Chapter 4: Around Every Corner- Your Choices *spoilers*

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I killed the zombie child

Was honest with Vernon

Left Clem behind

Let Ben drop

Showed the bite to the group

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I squished that kid's head with my boot because I needed to see if he was gonna do like a Gears of War stomp or something. It was actually worse that he kinda just let his foot sink into his head. It was pitiful.

Told the truth to Vernon because it seemed like the best choice.

Brought Clementine to Crawford cos' I figured she'd be safer with a group of adults than in a house with a cripple and a weirdo lurking around.

Dropped Ben like he was hot.

Revealed the bite.

edit: And I was depressed for the entire evening when Lee got bitten :(

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I really really want to see a video of the last choice with the bite and how Lee goes alone in the end. I want to see how that happens with the rest of the group and what their reasoning is for not coming with Lee.

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I dropped Ben without much remorse. The scene where you are searching the house for Clementine and he is all indignant about not having watched her, after all of times he messed up, was the last straw for me. I was disappointed that I was unable to save Molly though, I shot the zombie like four times but it never seemed to count. I left Clem at home so she wasn't there to bail me out. That being said I don't believe you see her die, so she could still turn up at some point.

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Stomped the kid in the attic - almost let Kenny do it, but decided against it a few seconds later. I figured it would help him get over Duck (who I shot) but I wasn't sure he seemed ready to do it, and I figured he'd probably find some reason to bitch about it later, so I just stepped up and did it myself. Also, having to bury that kid was SUPER fucked up and way more depressing to me than I would have expected.

Honest with Vernon - I just didn't really see a reason to be anything other than honest and calm at the moment.

Took Clem with me - Tough choice, I had my finger hovering over no for a little bit, but A) I have a real hard time saying no to Clem, and B) I realized I'd be leaving her in the house with just a sick, bedridden, possibly dying man. That made the choice real easy, I'd rather have her with me and a large group, no matter where we were going.

Saved Ben - The dude fucked up big time, and I was still pretty mad at him for running away from Clem earlier in the episode, but he seemed genuinely sorry and I can't stand to leave anyone behind. Hopefully he'll be inspired to take a little more responsibility next episode.

Revealed the bite - I dunno, I just figured at that point honesty would be the best policy, and Kenny had done the courtesy of showing me Duck's bite earlier, I figured I might as well repay him for that.

Who came with me - Christa and Omid. They were awesome about it and volunteered right away. I almost turned them down because of all the hinting at Christa's pregnancy; I didn't want to put her at much more risk, but I also wouldn't want to run the risk of dying/turning alone with Clementine. Ben and Kenny were hesitant, I wasn't in the mood to beg/convince them, but I wasn't about to tell them to just fuck off either. My mindset and dialogue choices were basically along the lines of "If you want to come with me, great. If you don't, whatever. Just make up your mind quick, 'cause I need to find Clem right the fuck now." Ben decided it would be better if he stayed behind, Kenny started bitching about "family" again. Fuck him. I get that he doesn't like me because I always tell him to shut up when he starts stupid arguments, but I was super nice to Katjaa and Duck. If he's going to keep using them as an excuse to be a dick, he can go fuck himself. I'm totally going to give him the business if I get another chance.

On a side note, I'm kinda glad to hear that Clementine cries near the end no matter what you say. I said yes and lied to her, she saw right through it, and when she turned away and started crying I felt like the worst person ever.

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Stomped the kid since I had no qualms about putting him out of his misery. Did it with the wrench since shooting seemed reckless and stomping seemed more fucked up.

Was honest with Vernon, just seemed to make sense.

Left Clem since I thought that sounded safer, didn't realize it was just going to be her and the sick guy or else I'd have taken her.

Saved Ben, because I have no particular reason to want him dead. He's a fuckup, but I don't think he's an asshole.

I revealed the bite since I figured they have to find out eventually, and that's the better setup.

I got Christa, Omid and Ben to come with me. Told Kenny to fuck off and felt really good about it.

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  • I took care of the zombie boy.
  • Told Vernon the truth.
  • Brought Clementine with me. She's always been the only one I trust 100% anyway and has always proved herself pretty capable.
  • I voted to kick Ben but I did save him.
  • I got bit but hid it from the group.
  • Told that redneck piece of shit Kenny to fuck off. Seriously? I've only been out for myself all this time, Kenny? Grrrrrrrr!!! I wish there was a shoot this asshole option!
  • I'm on my own for the final episode...
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It took me very little time to decide NOT to drop Ben, simply because I saw Kenny give me that knowing nod like "Go ahead and drop him". I knew that if I dropped Ben, I would be the same as Kenny. And I don't want to be like Kenny because Kenny is a piece of shit. I gave Kenny every possible chance to be a good person, and he never seemed to do the right thing. As you can imagine, I let Kenny have it at the end. I'm so glad the game gave me an option to tell him off. The "Go fuck yourself" was so cathartic.

There's one line of dialogue that was especially poignant for Kenny, when they're in the school and Lee says, "What about when Molly saved your life?"

Kenny retorts, "Yeah, well what has she done for me lately?"

That epitomizes Kenny. Never remembers the things you did for him and his family. Always blames you for the things you didn't (or couldn't) do. I saved his son at Herschel's, I gave his family food, I helped him deal with their death. And in return I get him constantly reminding me of the few times when I "didn't have his back".

And, more important than his constant attitude were the no less than three separate times when he tried to let me die. Like during the struggle with the St. John brother in the barn. I was in a fight for my life and he stood there and watched.

Motherfucker says at the end of Ep. 4, "I don't know if you've been keeping score". Yeah, I have, and my scorecard says you're a really bad person, Kenny.

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  • Dealt with the zombie kid myself, think I bludgeoned instead of shooting.
  • Told Vernon the truth
  • Left Clementine, felt safer to me
  • Rooted for and saved Ben, I just feel like he'll come through in the end despite being a fuck-up for the most part
  • Showed the bite, for dat trust
  • Told Kenny to back down in terms of Ben and still got him to come with me

Got everyone, but still. God damn you Whitta! I'm getting slightly fed up with Kenny, as he has been hassling me all the time for supposedly favoring Larry when you first get to your parents store in Macon in ep.1, I was actually trying to protect Kenny, and just generally having a really short fuse. Can't fault him to be honest.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

I was surprised so few people hid the bite, Ben was a asshole that got too many people killed and couldn't even look after clem I was looking forward to getting rid of him, also it was just me and Kenny at the end, seems to be Lees only true friend since the start, didn't like that new couple so I'm happy with that outcome.

Also just taking a guess but I think Episode 5 is going to finish with Clem shooting you as you turn into a zombie


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