Chapter 4 to 5 - Losing Save Progress

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In anticipation for season 2, I've been finally playing through this. The other night I finished chapter 4, waited through the credits then quit the game. I booted it up today to play chapter 5, and when I started the game, it had me redo the last decisions of chapter 4, rolled credits went back to the menu.

I went back to my save and it was ready to begin chapter 5, however when I start it, the "previously on The Walking Dead" video didn't have any of my final decisions.

I ended chapter 4 with these folks joining me, but when I start chapter 5, Lee is alone.

I've attempted this walkthrough with no results. Should I just rewind a little further and keep trying until it works? Is there a better way?

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Are you playing on the PC? What I did to fix it was delete all the saves in the install folder, and then move them the Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead folder. It seemed to fix it for me. Make backups of your saves just in case something breaks.

Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damages this might cause.

Edit: I made a minor error. What I really did was cut and pasted the prefs.prop file in the game install folder. Located at The Walking Dead/Pack/default. And moved it to the Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead folder. Just like in that link I should've clicked on before posting. You need to get rid of the prefs.prop file in the game install folder after copying it over to the Documents folder.

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