Chapter 5: Stats Bug

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Just finished one of the greatest games this year. However, the end game stats - while tabulated correctly - had "STAT 1 DESC.", "STAT 2 DESC." instead of the actual choices.

Can someone please post a screenshot of the actual stats displayed?

I just wanted to compare what I did with the rest of the folks.

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I had that as well. I also didn't get the last achievement. My friend also didn't get it so I don't know how many are affected by this.

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That happened to my ep 4 and the save got busted as well. My stats turned out fine for ep 5 though. So many technical issues for a game where the continuity of the saves and data is so important to the story was a bit of a bummer. Still my GOTY though.

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1) Did you cut lees arm off?

2)Did you argue with Kenny?

3)Did you give up your weapons?

4) Did you kill the Stranger?

5) Did you have Clem shoot you?

You can see the list at 13:45 in this vid

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Yeah I had the stat bug hit me too. Was gonna post a screen shot but no point really.

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@eskimo: Thanks duder, much appreciated!

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